How Mis- and Disinformation Spread in Asian Diasporas

Sarah Nguyễn, Rachel Kuo, Madhavi Reddi, Lan Li, Rachel E. Moran

Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) Misinformation Review



Explore the richness of knowledge captured when whiteness is decentered from mis- and disinformation studies

The bulk of research on mis- and disinformation studies English-language cases and communities—but we know that identity plays an important role in how we consume, interpret, and share information. In a piece for the HKS Misinformation Review, Sarah Nguyen, Rachel Kuo, Madhavi Reddi, Lan Li, and Rachel Moran summarize some early observations from their work studying how mis- and disinformation spread within Asian diasporas. They also offer recommendations for additional research into how false and misleading information circulates in historically marginalized communities.