Shannon McGregor on Deplatforming

On "Charlotte Talks with Mike Collins," broadcast by WFAE, Shannon McGregor joined NPR tech correspondent Shannon Bond and Check My Ads co-founder Nandini Jammi to talk about social media companies' use of deplatforming users who violate their policies.

These social media companies have the right to prioritize or deprioritize whatever kind of speech they want. When it comes to institutions in this country, you have a right to prioritizeand a responsibility to prioritizedemocracy.


And so when the speech of political actors in particular, is disinformation and specifically around their own electoral accountability, then I think it is fine and good for social media companies to prioritize the democratic function, which is not allowing lies that undermine somebody's own electoral accountability. And I think that's a pretty bright line that we can draw on that we have seen platforms draw.

Shannon McGregor