Francesca Tripodi on Prager U

Francesca appeared on "Meet the Press Reports" with Chuck Todd along with the Oklahoma State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Ryan Walters, to "discuss the use and potential dangers of online education tools like PragerU."

Francesca discussed the idea of indoctrination from schools and school teachers, saying "Indoctrination is about uncritical thinking, and I would say that's the opposite of what's happening in schools. Schools are not about teaching kids what to think, they're about teaching kids how to think. What's concerning to me about videos like PragerU is that we're effectively saying "Hey Kids, go to YouTube... let's go to TikTok." The thing about Prager University is that it doesn't exist in a vacuum- nothing on the internet does. These kinds of videos are algorithmically connected to the other guests... and so when you advocate for something that's effectively a YouTube channel, we have to be really mindful about where that journey might lead our children."