Symposium on Religion, Media, and Public Life

November 10, 2023

Friday, November 10, 2023
Freedom Forum Conference Center, Carroll Hall

The Religion, Media, and Public Life symposium addresses the intersection of technology, American religion, and politics. Our discussions will challenge the historical relationship between the American church, the State, and the hegemonic power of white Evangelicalism and white supremacist religious appeals.

These tensions are complex as the religious and racial diversity of the United States manifests in myriad forms online. Rather than asking what digital culture has done to religion in a linear progressive timeline, we query the confounding events, historical and political moments, technological interventions, social movements, and cultural shifts that confound religion and digital culture. We will consider institutional and networked religious activity. We aim to uncover the multiple sociopolitical consequences of technological changes and religious experiences.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Whitney Phillips
  • Samuel Perry
  • Eden Consenstein
  • Xavier Pickett
  • Erika Gault
  • Heidi Campbell