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Syllabus Integration Guide

If you’re interested in using Does Not Compute in your teaching, we’ve developed a syllabus integration guide that provides links to relevant materials, much by the scholars who appear on the podcast. The guide also suggests discussion questions and classroom use focused on two main themes: how identity influences belief and the affordances of platforms.

  • How identity influences belief: Three episodes focus on how intersectional identities underlie how we process information—and the world at large.
  • The affordances of platforms: Three episodes cover how technologies and platforms influence our online experiences and the information we seek, find, and process.
Download the Guide (PDF)

Teaching Sociology review

We also recommend Jaclyn Carroll’s review of Does Not Compute as a teaching tool in Teaching Sociology. Her review recommends additional matches of specific episodes to course topics and recommends complementary readings not included in our own integration guide.

Read the review